Taste of St. Croix 2024 Winners


First Place: Jubilee by Yaardie in St. Croix
Second Place: Wokame Island Bar & Restaurant
Third Place: Rita Chiverton


First Place: Turkey Leg On The Go
Second Place: Grapevine Restaurant
Third Place: Rowdy Joe’s

Soup & Stew

First Place: St. Croix Central High School
Second Place: Saviors Journey
Third Place: Vital Vibration

Local Fare

First Place: Chef Camisha Lynch
Second Place: Jubilee by Yaadie in St. Croix
Third Place: Saviors Journey


First Place: Cruzian Bayou Bistro
Second Place: Carambola Beach Resort

Third Place: Ridge to Reef Farm


First Place: Cultured Delights/ Sugar Rush
Second Place: Bleu Chocolat

Third Place: Carambola Beach Resort


First Place: Sugar Rush

Second Place: VLP Enterprise

Third Place: Bleu Chocolat

Best Presentation

First Place: Sugar Rush
Second Place: CTEC Baking/ Post Secondary

 Third Place: Cultured Delights

People’s Choice

First Place: Carambola Beach Resort

Second Place: Vital Vibration/ Rita Chiverton

Third Place: Turkey Leg On The Go