2018 Winners

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First Place: Dashi
Second Place: Nauti Bar & Grill
Third Place: Rita Chiverton Catering


TIE First Place: Ciboné | Blue Water Terrace
Second Place: Chef Aaron Catering
Third Place: Gusto’s

Soup & Stew

First Place: Beachside Cafe @ Sandcastle on the Beach
Second Place: Dashi
TIE Third Place: Common Cents Pub | Vibez Restaurant & Bar

Local Fare

First Place: Kallaloo Man
Second Place: Queen’s Maubi
Third Place: Delightful Delectables


First Place: Cafe Roots-N-Kulchah
Second Place: Cloud 9 Ultra Lounge
Third Place:  Doughboy Pretzels


First Place: BlueWater Terrace
Second Place: Caravelle Market
TIE Third Place: Un Amore | The Sweet Fairy


First Place: Cafe Roots-N-Kulchah
Second Place: Beachside Café
Third Place: Brew STX

Best Presentation

First Place: Nauti Bar & Grill
Second Place: Cafe Roots-N-Kulchah
Third Place: Ciboné

People’s Choice

Cloud 9 Ultra Lounge
Runner-Up: Eastend Boys